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Main Building

Just 50 ft. away from the gazebo is our main building. Whether you want to get ready for your event in comfort, need an intimate setting for a luncheon, or just need a cozy place to retreat, our interior and exterior areas offer that and so much more!


  • Our interior area is light taupe with white trim complemented by antique pine floors and is 1700 sq ft.
  • 80 guests fit comfortably in the main room
  • 1 main dressing room with 2 outlets
  • 1 upstairs men’s dressing room with 2 outlets
  • 2 bathrooms with 2 outlets
  • Kitchenette with 4 outlets and additional room with 2 refrigerators
  • 10 -110 volt outlets in the main room
  • 3 window sets
  • 2 sets of french doors with glass inserts that open to the decks
  • 4 doors: 2 on the side, one in the front, and one in the back
  • The Main Building is air conditioned


  • Our Main Building is surrounded by a wrap-around antique pine deck that is 2,200 sq. ft. With gorgeous views of the gazebo and grounds, the deck is surrounded by a cascading sea of color that will complement any event’s color selection.
  • 3 main areas of the deck: the front, side, and back. The side and back decks are covered, the front deck is uncovered
  • Deck areas can be used for buffet tables and bar, dance floors, guest tables, etc.
    (Depending on your unique needs and arrangements, 50+ guests could fit comfortably on the front deck and/or 75+ on the side deck and/or 80+ on the back deck.)
  • 5 -110 volt outlets on the deck areas
  • The front uncovered deck opens up to a curved stone path to the Gazebo and is  3.5 ft. by 50 ft. long
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