Frequently Asked Questions

Avalon is a great space for entertaining if you’ve got an event you’re planning.  Look below to see some of the most common questions we’ve been asked for planning a wedding, reunion, or corporate event.  If you don’t see a question you have, feel free to send me a message with it and I’ll be sure to get back with you right away.

After you’ve had a chance to read all of our FAQs, head on over to our Contact page and let’s set up a time to chat and have you over to our Gorgeous Venue!

Avalon is located on Highway 159, less than a mile off of Highway 6, between College Station and Navasota.

GPS coordinates are 30deg 29’25.54″N 96Deg 12’02.44″ W.

The property contains 7 acres of gardens, wildflower fields, and woodlands. The venue itself is 1500 square feet, with a surrounding deck of 2200 square feet.

Visits to Avalon are by appointment only.  We are not always on site, and ask that any appointments be made at least 24 hours in advance. We are available to show most Mondays through Thursdays, usually in the afternoons. Visits on Fridays or Saturdays are possible, as long as we do not have a wedding or rehearsal on that day.

Avalon has had weddings ranging from 20 to 500 guests, but the average wedding is around 150-200 people.

During the summer months of May till September, weddings are best held about an hour before sunset. The temperature will drop about 20 degrees, and also the photography will be much better due to the quality of the light.

October through April months are not as affected by temperature, but the lighting for photography still requires the evening light.

Avalon is one of the few venues that do not have a preferred vendor list. We do have a few that we recommend, but you can decide whom you wish to use.

As an example, we allow you the freedom to hire any caterer you wish, or you can have a relative cook your food, or you can even bring your own grill setup, its up to you.

By state and federal law, the bride and groom are legally responsible for their guests. To protect their guests, a constable is required for any wedding serving alcohol with more than 100 guests, or if they are serving hard liquor. If hard liquor is served, a licensed bartender is also required.

The flowers follow the seasons. Our first blooms appear in mid February on our pear trees. Our daffodils are usually blooming right after that. Bluebonnets are usually blooming around late march but are gone by mid April.

The roses bloom from April to December,  with their peak time being April to June.

We do have flowers in the heat of the summer, but they are not as plentiful as in the spring or fall.

During the winter months of January and February, everything goes into hibernation and we loose almost all flowers and all the trees are bare, but we do plant winter rye grass, so we do have green grass year around and almost all the plants are still around, just not blooming…

Welcome to Texas! We have had 80 degrees in February and snow in April, so the winter months are somewhat iffy when predicting the temperature. In the summer, it is wise to have a sunset wedding due to the high temperatures of the summer, because it drops 20 degrees after the sunsets.

You are welcome to rent tents from local vendors if you have concerns about moisture.

You can have Avalon from Friday till Sunday, so you can have a rehearsal dinner, the wedding, and then come the next day to pick up all your belongings… No other wedding venue in the brazos valley will let you have it for that amount of time without an extra charge. Most venues will only let you have it for the day, and still charge more than Avalon.

The building covers about 1500 square feet of floor space. It has a bridal dressing room with bathroom, a small kitchen area, two fridges and a freezer, another bathroom, and a main room that most people use for food buffets, cake, and gifts. There is another room on the second floor for the guys to dress in.

But the use of the building is whatever you desire… most weddings sit guests outside in the gardens, but it can hold up to 75-90 people for a seated dinner if needed.

The building is surrounded by a 2200 square foot covered deck that looks out onto the gardens. The deck is handicapped accessible…

We supply tables and chairs for up to 200 people. The tables are 60 inch round. We also have the 6ft long rectangular tables for  food, gifts, etc… We do not supply linens as we cannot keep the many, many, many different colors used in weddings, but any of our local vendors can supply those.

We suggest linens that are 120 inch, because they hide the table legs all the way to the ground…. 90 inch ones don’t go all the way to the ground and you can see the table legs…

While we allow people to decorate outside days before the wedding, the actual tables and chairs cannot be set out until the morning of the event, due to security reasons.

You are free to decorate the facility as you like, as long as nothing damages the property. No nails, screws, command strips (they take out sheetrock) can be used without notifying us. All decorations must be removed by the next day unless prior approval has been given.

Silk petals are not allowed. They do not deteriorate, ever. Fresh Petals are to be used for any decorating purposes.

Anything ORGANIC you wish to use for a farewell is usually fine, as long as it is something that nature will take care of… Bird seed is not allowed as it gets thrown in the flowerbed and will become next months weeds. Anything plastic that will not decompose is not allowed… Glitter, confetti, etc.

Sparklers are allowed as long as they are in the yard. No fireworks are permitted in the building or on the wooden deck.

We have plenty of parking, whether its on the gravel parking lot or out in the back fields specifically designed for parking, we have plenty. Remember, we’ve hosted weddings with guests of 400 or more…

A deposit of $650 is required to hold your date, and that is deducted from the total. The remainder is due two weeks before the event.

All monies given to Avalon are non-refundable.

A week or so before the event, we require a check in the amount of $300 for a security deposit, and that is returned to you about 3 weeks later if nothing has been damaged.

A charge of $350 is required if Avalon is needed to set up chairs and tables and return the venue to its original condition, however as all weddings are different, you are free to do your own setup and tear down after the event. That way you can save the $350 for your honeymoon!

A constable, if needed, is $45 an hour, if alcohol is served.

When it comes to wedding venues, we are probably the most flexible with events than any other venue around. If you have any questions about ANYTHING, or want to ask about something completely different, please do not hesitate to ask. Just email us via our contact page /contact us and we are happy to set up a visit.