A few Picts from Jasmines wedding last February.

An outdoor wedding in Texas, in February..

Bear in mind that ALL flowers are dormant around January and February. They’re asleep! I want to put out signs that say ‘SHHHH! Flowers are asleep!’… but not many would understand.

Once upon a time, we had someone make an appointment in February to come out and visit and talk about their wedding. At the appointed time, I was there, and someone drove into the parking lot. They didn’t even get out, just stopped for a few minutes and then started to drive off.. I stopped them at the end of the driveway and asked if they were my appointment.

Their response was ‘no, we were just looking around’, and so i handed them a brochure and said that ‘it’s February and of course all the plants are dead for the winter, but here are some photos of what we look like in the spring…’

So they drove off… and five minutes later they drove back in, got out of the car, and came up to me and said, verbatim… ‘We lied. We ARE your appointment. We just didnt see any flowers and thought this was what it looked like all the time’…


So, as the photos show, a winter wedding  is quite do-able, and its interesting to compare the photos of the flowerbeds around the gazebo with ones taken in April. The difference is night and day. You can see we have green grass year round, and green plants.. just no flowers…


There were more than 300 people at this FEBUARY wedding.. lol