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outdoor wedding

Shannon and Josh

 Josh and I got married June 23, 2013 at Avalon. It was the best day we could have ever dreamed of thanks to Darrin and his wife. They supplied the tables and chairs which are all in great condition, and also provided some of our decorations thanks to past brides leaving a couple of things behind. They made everything so easy and were very accommodating on all of my requests such as can we have twinkle lights everywhere?!? And can we come out and set up Friday morning?!?

Outdoor weddings - photography



      Many tips can be found on the internet for outdoor weddings, and we will occasionally highlight a few. However, I have been a professional wedding photographer for almost 30 years, and i've been around the perverbial wedding block. Most blog posts from pintrest or whatever are usually made by someone who has attended a wedding or two and thougth it might be nice to do this or that.  But I have photographed thousands of weddings, and one of the most important things that people ignore the most is the photographer.