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How to choose the perfect wedding venue... Five things to remember....

How to choose the perfect wedding venue: Five things to keep in mind

Picking a proper venue for your wedding can be a daunting task. Most brides have grand ideas for their big days and picking the perfect venue is one of the first steps in making those ideas a reality. Keeping these five matters in mind will help confirm you’re making the right choice.

  1. Be sure the venue is in your price range BEFORE looking at the place.

Shannon and Josh

 Josh and I got married June 23, 2013 at Avalon. It was the best day we could have ever dreamed of thanks to Darrin and his wife. They supplied the tables and chairs which are all in great condition, and also provided some of our decorations thanks to past brides leaving a couple of things behind. They made everything so easy and were very accommodating on all of my requests such as can we have twinkle lights everywhere?!? And can we come out and set up Friday morning?!?