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It's summer time!


    Even though it's warm, summer time is still a great time to get married outdoors. Juse remember to do a ceremony around sunset, or maybe an hour before sunset, just because first, the light will be better, and also it usually drops twenty degrees. Consider the type of dress to wear, because a dress that has four layers of pettiecoats, sleeves and a cinched up corset wouldn't be as light and airy as a white summer dress. Also, please don't forget the groom. White will reflect heat, whereas black absorbs heat. So from a guys point of view, please remember he's wearingr just as much as a bride will, if not more, and his outfit is collecting the heat, whereas the bride is reflecting it...

     Be sure to have lots of cool ideas. Cool as in buckets of ice water, sodas, wine coolers, etc. Get a bunch of friends together who have ice cream machines and have different kinds of home made ice creams available. I have even seen really casual weddings have a bouncy castle with a water slide for kids to play on.

     Do keep in mind that alcohol does dehydrate, some people might be a bit more thirsty than they should be..